How do e-bikes work?

An electric bicycle (e-bike) is a type of bicycle that utilizes electric power assistance, involving the integration of an electric system with traditional bicycle components.

Now, let me explain how an electric bicycle works.

Firstly, the motor is the core of the e-bike. Manufacturers or designers typically place it in the wheel or the central drive system. This motor is powered by a battery and regulated by a controller.

The battery is rechargeable and is usually mounted on the frame. Some batteries are removable, while others are designed to stay fixed, depending on the market requirements addressed by the designer.

The controller is the intelligent system of the e-bike, responsible for monitoring and controlling the motor's power output. It manages and adjusts signals such as speed and braking.

When the rider chooses to increase the throttle, the electric motor provides power according to the user's demand, assisting the rider in propelling the electric bicycle.

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