i8 Adult Scooter by iSinwheel
Powerful Machine The i8 KickScooter by iSinwheel has motor power up to 350W and can go up to 15.5mph(25km/h). The battery system...
£279,99 £229,99
i9 Adult Scooter by iSinwheel
3 different driving modes Safety mode: 9.3 mph, standard mode: best driving experience, top speed: 12.4 mph, sport mode: top speed, 18.6...
£319,99 £299,99
i9plus Adult Scooter by iSinwheel
. LED Digital Dashboard The bezel-less dashboard of i9Plus is embedded with LED nixie tubes and provides you the convenience to monitor...
i9Pro Adult Scooter by iSinwheel 123 reviews
from £329,99
i9Pro Adult Scooter by iSinwheel
. Aerospace-grade Aluminum Alloy Material The aerospace-grade aluminum alloy body material weighs only one-third of steel, and its strength per unit density...
from £329,99
i10 Adult Scooter by iSinwheel
Max Speed ​​18.6mph(30km/h) Range 18.6miles(30km) 10"Honeycomb tire EBAS electronic brake + rear disc brake Headlight, and Rear Max Decline 20 degrees Waterproof IP54...
£399,99 £369,99
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iX5 Adult Scooterby iSinwheel
Smart Battery Management System 12.8Ah big capacity lithium batteries is smart and safe.The Smart Battery Management System closely monitors the battery status...
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iX4 Adult Scooter by iSinwheel
Pneumatic tire Using upgraded pneumatic tires, coupled with special processing technology, has higher resilience than ordinary solid tires, and has the advantages...
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