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The Throttle electric pedal assist bicycle

When you're looking forward to a relaxed and enjoyable cycling experience without the effort of pedalling, our throttle electric pedal assist bicycles are your ideal choice. Unlike traditional electric mountain bicycle, our design is specifically made for swift urban cycling, allowing you to enjoy the journey effortlessly. Whether it's bustling city streets, steep hills, or serene countryside paths, this electric pedal assist bicycle handles them all with ease, letting you immerse yourself in picturesque surroundings.

Hop on our uniquely crafted throttle electric pedal assist bicycle and explore every corner of the city, conquer every hill, and experience an unparalleled cycling adventure.

Convenience of Throttle electric pedal assist bicycles

Throttle electric pedal assist bicycles bring unprecedented pleasure and convenience to cycling. Imagine just gently twisting the throttle and effortlessly activating the motor, enjoying the smooth riding experience provided by electric assistance. This British innovative design perfectly combines the charm of traditional cycling with the innovation of modern electric technology, offering riders a perfect blend of practicality and excitement. You can choose traditional pedal-assisted cycling or opt for motor-driven smooth riding according to your pace, relishing the joy and freedom of cycling.

Advantages of Throttle electric pedal assist bicycles

Throttle electric pedal assist bicycles offer limitless advantages and convenience. They provide instant acceleration, allowing riders to easily navigate through traffic and tackle various steep terrains, delivering an unparalleled riding experience. These bicycles not only offer an efficient means of transportation but also provide riders with greater flexibility and freedom.

electric e bikes

Inclusivity in sports is increasingly valued in modern society. Throttle electric pedal assist bicycles offer an inclusive solution for cycling suitable for everyone, from the elderly to those with limited physical conditions, allowing them to effortlessly enjoy the thrill and liberation of cycling. This electric pedal assist bicycle is not just a means of exercise but also an inclusive mode of transportation, enabling people from all walks of life to participate and feel the health and freedom brought by cycling.

Riding the throttle electric pedal assist bicycle, I embarked on my eco-friendly exploration journey. This is not just a simple cycling experience but a profound exploration of the world. Along the way, I could get closer to nature, feeling the fresh air and harmonious natural environment. Using the throttle electric pedal assist bicycle not only made my travels more relaxed and efficient but also became a powerful tool for promoting awareness of sustainable development and ecological conservation. Every pedal is a firm commitment to environmentally friendly travel, and I hope to inspire more people to join the ranks of protecting our beautiful planet through my actions.

foldable e bike

Vibrant Multifunctionality: Throttle electric pedal assist bicycles not only adapt to various travel needs and adventures but also provide riders with a flexible commuting option. They are the ideal companion for daily commuting, leisure cycling, and adventurous routes. Whether speeding through crowded city streets or leisurely cycling on scenic countryside routes, this electric pedal assist bicycle meets your needs, making every journey vibrant and enjoyable.

Embark on an Adventure with Throttle electric pedal assist bicycles

Explore the charm of Britain and choose a throttle electric pedal assist bicycle as your best companion for adventure! Our range of electric pedal assist bicycles launched in the UK are equipped with precision throttle valve technology, meaning they are not only uniquely designed but also cater to various cycling styles and adventure needs.

Whether you choose to speed through the bustling streets of London or leisurely roam the tranquil natural scenery of the countryside, our products offer you a tailor-made, efficient, and convenient cycling experience.

e bike mountain bike

As modern adventurers, you deserve to own such a stylish and practical electric pedal assist bicycle, kickstarting your British journey and experiencing a different kind of thrill!

Why Choose Our Throttle electric pedal assist bicycles?

As a passionate cycling enthusiast, you may have been searching for a way to combine traditional bicycles with convenience. This is where throttle electric pedal assist bicycles come into play.

Compared to traditional pedal-assisted electric pedal assist bicycles, throttle electric pedal assist bicycles provide a more direct and immediate acceleration experience. With just a press of a button, you can feel the powerful push from the electric assistance, allowing you to easily control and enjoy the exhilarating speed.

pedal assist bike

The excellent pedal-assisted models from isinwheel are also worth mentioning. These bicycles are carefully selected, featuring robust designs, making them ideal for city commuting, climbing steep hills, or adventurous trails. Whether you're cycling on busy city streets or peaceful countryside paths, isinwheel bicycles are your reliable companion, offering an unparalleled cycling experience.

Embrace the Future of Cycling

Our range of throttle electric pedal assist bicycles represents the future direction of the cycling industry. Each model is meticulously designed, aiming to perfectly combine style, performance, and sustainable mobility. Whether you are an urban explorer, commuter, or leisure cycling enthusiast, our range caters to your needs, guiding you into a passionate, enjoyable, and fully personalized cycling world.

Riding with Throttle electric pedal assist bicycles

Throttle electric pedal assist bicycles bring unprecedented convenience and flexibility to riders. By simply twisting or pressing the throttle, riders can effortlessly let the electric pedal assist bicycle do most of the cycling work, making cycling effortless.

These electric pedal assist bicycles also offer multiple riding modes, allowing riders to easily switch according to their mood and terrain difficulty, enjoying leisurely cruising or choosing rapid sprints. This not only saves transportation costs but also allows riders to enjoy eco-friendly long-distance cycling and bypass traffic congestion more quickly and efficiently, reaching their destination.

electric assist bike

Whether you are a cycling novice or a professional, you can customize your riding effort through throttle control, making every ride a personalized, comfortable, and enjoyable experience.

Experience the Best electric pedal assist bicycle with isinwheel

At isinwheel, we are committed to creating the best throttle electric pedal assist bicycles in the UK. Each bicycle is meticulously designed to achieve excellent performance and one-button acceleration, making cycling effortless and reducing physical strain.

Our bicycles offer smooth mode switching, ensuring stable riding even in the UK's variable traffic conditions. By choosing isinwheel, you are not only choosing an excellent means of transportation but also a reliable peace of mind.

Instant Acceleration through Throttle Control

This U2 electric pedal assist bicycle provides riders with instant and powerful acceleration through its advanced throttle control system. Unlike traditional pedal-driven methods, this electric assist technology can immediately accelerate the bicycle from a standstill to top speed, providing riders with powerful propulsion.

This throttle-assisted design not only delivers excellent acceleration performance but also ensures stability and superior control when riding at high speeds.

e bike electric bicycle

The design details of this U2 electric pedal assist bicycle are carefully considered, from the ergonomic layout of the throttle to the overall balance of the bicycle, all aimed at providing riders with the best cycling experience.

Whether speeding through busy city streets needing extra acceleration power or simply wanting to enjoy a leisurely ride and scenery, this U2 modern electric pedal assist bicycle meets the needs of riders, being both exciting and safe.

Unparalleled Speed and Efficiency

isinwheel's throttle electric pedal assist bicycles not only meet modern riders' pursuit of speed and efficiency but also perfectly cater to the elderly riders' focus on time and performance. This electric pedal assist bicycle uses a powerful motor system, equipped with various battery options, achieving unmatched performance.

What's more, its throttle design allows riders to easily reach speeds equivalent to traditional bicycles, bringing unprecedented convenience and joy to cycling.

What's the Best Part?

This content emphasizes the importance and advantages of throttle in bicycle riding. Using throttle can improve the efficiency and energy utilization of cycling, especially when facing various terrains and rugged roads. This not only helps riders reach their destination faster but also maintains consistency and maximum speed, avoiding compromises between speed and sustainability.

isinwheel Throttle electric pedal assist bicycles Adapt to Various Terrains

Our pedal-assisted electric pedal assist bicycles are committed to multifunctionality, providing excellent performance wherever you ride.

Whether tackling challenging mountain roads, soft beaches, or busy city streets, our electric pedal assist bicycles are equipped with powerful motors, ensuring consistent performance and excellent durability on any terrain.

You can choose tires with excellent grip according to your needs or opt for slick tires for higher speeds on roads. Advanced suspension design ensures stable riding even on rugged ground.

Eco-friendly and Exciting

In the face of global environmental challenges, electric pedal assist bicycles have become the green vanguard of sustainable commuting. They not only bring exciting speed and power to cyclists but also encourage everyone to choose environmentally friendly travel.

Every journey on an electric pedal assist bicycle is a firm commitment to reducing carbon footprint, filled with adrenaline-pumping excitement and satisfaction from environmental responsibility.

best folding e bike

By using clean electric energy, electric pedal assist bicycles not only avoid causing air pollution but also reduce the consumption of limited resources. Especially against the backdrop of increasing urban traffic congestion and environmental issues, these electric pedal assist bicycles provide riders with a perfect solution that combines excitement and responsibility through flexible throttle control.

High-Speed and Safe

Our throttle electric pedal assist bicycles focus on the perfect combination of speed and safety. Equipped with advanced safety features, such as instantly responsive precision hydraulic disc brakes, ensuring you can stop quickly in any situation.

The powerful rear hub motor provides excellent power performance, while the reliable torque sensor ensures smooth acceleration and deceleration. Anti-slip tire design aims to achieve the best grip, providing you with a more stable riding experience.

The equipped LED lights enhance your visibility in low light conditions, adding to your cycling safety. High-speed riding without sacrificing safety!

Enhanced Power Boost

Our battery technology not only boasts excellent capacity but also comes with an advanced power management system. This system intelligently optimizes based on the rider's cycling style and road terrain, providing stronger power and stable output.

Combined with fast charging capabilities, downtime is significantly reduced, allowing riders to quickly return to cycling. Choosing our bicycles with twist throttle, you will not only experience excellent power performance but also be ready for the next adventure at all times.

We also offer multiple pedal-assist levels to meet the needs and preferences of different riders, ensuring every ride is in optimal condition.

Multiple Pedal Assist Levels

The isinwheel electric pedal assist bicycle offers riders an unprecedented personalised experience through its advanced throttle control technology. Users can choose from various pedal assist levels based on their mood and needs, whether it's easy cruising or tackling steep hills, to find the perfect assistance mode.

This throttle control not only provides a smooth and intuitive riding experience but also ensures seamless transitions between different assist levels, making the ride more flexible and natural.

By choosing an isinwheel electric pedal assist bicycle with a British throttle, you can confidently control your riding experience, feeling the unmatched difference in pedal assist range, power, and speed.

Explore the World of Accessories and Add-ons

Explore the endless possibilities of accessories and add-ons to elevate your electric pedal assist bicycle experience to a whole new level. We offer a range of customised high-quality accessories for electric pedal assist bicycle enthusiasts, from advanced helmet protection to practical front and rear racks storage solutions, each designed to enhance your riding adventures.

Whether you're looking for innovative products to improve safety or seeking more convenient gear solutions, we have options to meet your needs. Browse our range of add-ons and equipment to help you create a perfect riding experience, ensuring you won't be disappointed.

Sounds good? Keep reading for more information.

How Does an electric pedal assist bicycle Throttle Work?

The throttle system of an electric pedal assist bicycle is similar to traditional motorcycles or scooters, driving the vehicle forward by controlling the motor's power. When the rider presses the throttle button, the motor starts and provides the necessary power.

e bike foldable electric bike

Most electric pedal assist bicycles have a horizontal throttle design, allowing riders to select different power outputs to control speed flexibly. Some electric pedal assist bicycles use a pressure-sensitive mode for the throttle, where the force applied determines the vehicle's speed; the harder the press, the faster the speed.

This throttle design allows the electric pedal assist bicycle to quickly reach maximum power, especially crucial when facing uphill rides.

How to Adjust the Throttle on an electric pedal assist bicycle?

Adjusting the throttle of an electric pedal assist bicycle depends on the type of bicycle. For throttle-assisted electric pedal assist bicycles, you can adjust the throttle by twisting the handlebars to control the motor's power output. This allows you to increase or decrease power as needed for better control and efficiency. However, for electric pedal assist bicycles equipped with both PAS (Pedal Assist System) and throttle, you can choose different operating modes.

In this case, you can use the PAS for assisted riding or control power output directly through the throttle, making the riding experience more flexible and personalised.

Do All electric pedal assist bicycles Have a Throttle?

electric pedal assist bicycles come in various designs with two main assist systems: Pedal Assist System (PAS) and Throttle Assist System. The PAS system provides electric assistance based on the rider's pedalling force, while the throttle system is similar to motorcycles or electric scooters, controlling the motor speed manually through the throttle. Some electric pedal assist bicycles even come equipped with both PAS and throttle systems to meet different riding needs.

Choosing which system depends entirely on the electric pedal assist bicycle's manufacturing and design philosophy. If your electric pedal assist bicycle only has a PAS system but you want to add throttle functionality, you can easily do so by installing a throttle-compatible controller and connecting the corresponding wires. This flexibility makes electric pedal assist bicycles more adaptable to individual riding habits and needs.

Types of electric pedal assist bicycle Throttles

electric pedal assist bicycle throttles mainly come in three types: thumb throttle, full twist throttle, and half twist throttle.

A thumb throttle consists of a small lever designed for thumb operation. This throttle doesn't interfere with the use of shifters or brake levers and takes up less handlebar space, providing more room for other accessories like mirrors and lights. However, using a thumb throttle can lead to thumb fatigue due to all the force being concentrated on the thumb.

A full twist throttle covers the entire end of the handlebar, similar to a motorcycle throttle. This allows all five fingers to operate it, providing better control and use of the wrist, but prolonged use may cause wrist fatigue.

A half twist throttle combines the characteristics of the previous two, operating similar to a full twist throttle but only covering about half of the handlebar end, with the remaining part being a non-twisting rubber grip. This design not only allows full-hand operation, reducing wrist fatigue, but also offers the possibility to add other accessories at the end of the handlebar.

electric bicycle e bike

Therefore, choosing the type of electric pedal assist bicycle throttle depends on personal usage habits and comfort preferences.

electric pedal assist bicycle PAS vs Throttle: Which is Better?

Both the PAS (Pedal Assist System) and throttle control of electric pedal assist bicycles have their own advantages and suitable scenarios. PAS adjusts the motor output intelligently by sensing the pedalling action, providing power to the rider continuously while pedalling. It can automatically shut off the motor when going downhill or stopping pedalling, effectively saving battery energy and increasing range, making it ideal for those who want to exercise through riding or pursue longer range.

On the other hand, throttle control offers a more direct power output, allowing riders to adjust the motor output as needed. It is especially suitable for situations where extra power is needed when going uphill or carrying cargo, and it is also more convenient for people with physical limitations or injuries to ride. However, this mode may consume battery faster, so with the same battery capacity, the range may be slightly shorter.

Therefore, choosing between PAS and throttle control depends on personal riding habits and needs, whether you are looking for exercise or convenience, whether you want to ride for a long time or move quickly for short distances, all will affect the final choice.

Throttle-Assisted electric pedal assist bicycles

Before considering purchasing an isinwheel throttle, make sure your electric pedal assist bicycle is a U2 or U3 model and equipped with a rear hub motor. Please note that this throttle is not suitable for mid-drive electric pedal assist bicycles. For consumers with isinwheel city electric pedal assist bicycles, there is no need to purchase an additional throttle as it is already built into the bicycle. According to user reviews, this throttle has been widely recognised and praised, suitable for electric pedal assist bicycles that meet the above conditions, providing users with a more convenient and flexible control experience.

isinwheel U2 Electric City Bicycle

The U2 electric city bicycle is a high-performance electric vehicle designed specifically for urban riders. It features a powerful 350w motor and a 468Wh battery, capable of reaching a top speed of 20 mph and a maximum range of 47 miles, ensuring a smooth and enduring riding journey. With 26*1.95" inflatable tyres and a load capacity of 265 pounds, it guarantees a stable and comfortable riding experience.

Most popular e-bicycle

U2 trekking electric bike

U2 has an easily accessible walk-through frame, whose removable battery allows for easy charging, while the front suspension and seat shock absorber easily absorb irregularities.







The bicycle adopts a sturdy step-through frame design that can easily accommodate your stride, coupled with high-quality front suspension to effectively absorb road shocks and ensure a smooth ride. The 36V 13Ah detachable battery uses Dongci 18650 2600 cells, providing not only a range of 37-47 miles in pure electric mode but also 6-9 miles in pedal assist mode.

In addition, the U2 electric city bicycle also supports throttle installation. With five-speed settings and a 250W hub motor, you can easily tackle uphill and strong winds, reaching your destination effortlessly without much effort.

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