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isinwheel® GT2 Off Road Electric Scooter 1000W

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- Maximum speed of 45 KM/H
- Range up to 60 km
- Powerful 1000W motor
- Improved 15Ah battery
- Rear wheel drive
- 3S quick fold
- LED dashboard
- Front and rear double-link suspension
- 11-inch self-healing Pneumatic off-road tires

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  • GT2 Electric Scooter × 1
  • Waterproof leather bag × 1
  • Charger × 1
  • User Manual × 1
  • Tool Kit: Wrench, Screw

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£899.00 £618.99
off-road electric scooter
isinwheel® GT2 Off Road Electric Scooter 1000W
£899.00 £618.99
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Tel: +44 1563638328
Trave with GT2

1000W, 60KM Off-Road E-Scooter

Trave with GT2

1000W, 60KM Off-Road E-Scooter

  • electric scooter motor
    Motor Power 
  • electric scooter full-battery
    48V 15Ah
    Battery Capacity
  • electric scooter FAST
    45 KM/H
    Maximum Speed
  • electric scooter wireless-charging
    5-7 Hours
    Charging Time
  • electric road scooter
    In Eco-mode
  • electric scooter kilogram
    Load Capacity
More features

All-Terrain Warrior

The GT2 electric scooter for adults featuring a lightweight magnesium alloy frame aimed at easy portability and storage. This frame design not only enhances the overall riding experience but also improves acceleration and handling performance, making the ride faster and more agile.

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48V 15Ah Li-ion Battery

GT2 fast electric scooter for adults is equipped with a 48V 15Ah lithium-ion battery, capable of providing a maximum range of up to 60 kilometres. Its Battery Management System (BMS) can monitor the battery's status in real-time, ensuring the safety and reliability of the vehicle.

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Performance Beast

The GT2 off-road scooters is equipped with a 1000W motor, capable of effortlessly climbing slopes as steep as 35 degrees. Additionally, it can reach a maximum speed of 45 km/h.

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11" Off-Road Pneumatic Tires

GT2 off road e scooter features upgraded 11-inch off-road pneumatic tires, enhancing durability, strength, and comfort compared to standard tires.

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Upgrade LED Digital Display

The GT2 All-Terrain Electric Scooter features an advanced LED digital display offering real-time information on speed, battery power, voltage, drive mode, lighting settings, and more.

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1000W Powerful Motor

GT2 featuring an 1000W motor and a lightweight magnesium alloy body that
combines robustness with agility. This dynamic combination ensures a
powerful and stable performance, delivering a top speed of 45km/h and an
impressive 35% climbing capabilit

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One-Step Folding

The GT2 e-scooter offers a secure and robust folding mechanism, allowing for effortless folding and convenient storage in small or narrow spaces.

Three riding mode easy riding

Activate Eco mode and savor the street scenery.

In standard mode, reaching the destination at a moderate pace.

Turbo mode, satisfying the desire for outdoor exploration.


eco mode


standard mode


turbo mode

Enjoy leisurely cycling moments.

37 Miles max long range on a single charge.

48V 15Ah extral large capacity battary.

35% Climbing capabilit.

37 Miles

Max Range




climbing capability

Attentive to Every Detail

Actual photos showcasing every detail clearly visible to the naked eye.


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Devoted to driving performance

- Quadruple Shock Absorption: Front&Rear dual suspensions

- 11" Off-Road Pneumatic Tires

- Hydraulic Disc Brake: Powerful and responsive stops

nine bot scooter
Devoted to driving performance

- Quadruple Shock Absorption: Front&Rear dual suspensions

- 11" Off-Road Pneumatic Tires

- Hydraulic Disc Brake: Powerful and responsive stops

Safety first

Advance lighting system: Enhanced safety with front and rear lights, plus ambient body lighting that signals during braking or turning.

Safety first

Advance lighting system: Enhanced safety with front and rear lights, plus ambient body lighting that signals during braking or turning.

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"The outstanding performance of the isinwheel GT2 off-road scooter for adults is truly impressive! The powerful 800W motor ensures excellent driving force, combined with exceptional climbing ability of 35 degrees. Whether on urban streets or steep terrains, it can easily cope with and conquer various road conditions."
"The GT2 adult electric scooter is excellently designed! With a 45-kilometre range, it meets my daily commuting needs. Its lightweight and efficient features make riding effortless."
"The 11-inch tyre design of the GT2 electric scooter is clever and refined, adding an excellent sense of stability to my riding experience, as if I'm gliding lightly through the clouds."
"The GT2 folding electric scooter features a lightweight aluminium alloy frame design, which is both sturdy and lightweight, making it highly suitable for urban commuting."
"The 35-degree climbing ability of this iSinwheel GT2 folding scooter is truly astounding! It performs very steadily and reliably on steep urban slopes, making it highly trustworthy."
"Equipped with an 800W power system, the isinwheel GT2 electric scooter showcases outstanding acceleration potential on urban roads, ensuring every ride is filled with excitement and adventure."
"The long battery life of the GT2 fast electric scooter is an unparalleled advantage for me. Therefore, I can fully explore and appreciate the various sights of this city, experiencing its unique charm."
"The isinwheel GT2 folding scooter not only boasts excellent handling performance, but its lightweight structural design also enhances its flexibility. This is undoubtedly an ideal choice for commuting!"

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Sorts Spec
Net Weight 25.83 KG (57 LBS)
Load 150 KG (330 LBS)
Unfolded (Length. x Width x Height) 48*25*49 inch / 122*63*125 CM
Folded (Length. x Width x Height) 48*9*23 inch /122*22*57 CM
Operating Temperature 5-104℉(-15°C~40°C)
Recommended Age 14-60 Age
Body Material Aluminum alloy + Magnesium alloy
Accessories Leather waterproof bag
Support Folding Yes
Cruise Control Yes
Zero-Speed Start Yes
Support Seat Yes
Sorts Spec
Max Speed 15.5-28 MPH (25 - 45 KM/H)
Gear 3 gears (10/15/25 km/h)
Override Gear 3 gears(15/30/45km/h)
Max Range 31-37 Miles (Eco-mode 50-60 KM)
Gradeability 35°
Power 1000 W
Tire Size 11"
Tire Type off-road pneumatic Tires
Shock Absorption 4 coil spring shocks
Dashboard LED display
Lighting System front & rear lights + ambient lights + turn signals
Brakes disc brake+electronic brake
Sorts Spec
Battery Type lithium battery
Protection Level IPX4
Battery Capacity 48V15Ah
Charging Time 7-9H
Input Voltage 110-240 V
Output Voltage 54.6 V
Output Current 2A

Customer Reviews

Based on 109 reviews
Rutvikkumar Dobariya

I have GT2 off road it's amazing scooter with long range battery capacity, 11 inch off road tyre.


It's my first scooter and I'm satisfied . hopefully there will be no problem with spare parts in future
I'm recommending

I'm happy for now

The scooter is the size of beryl rental scooters, yet is a lot lighter weight wise. I live on the 3rd floor and it is manageable to carry it up and down the stairs. The power is mediocre at best, and you should expect 22mph average. Yet there are places (very level places) where it reaches the advertised 27.9 mph. Hill climbing is meh, yet it does the job good enough. If you'll go full throttle all the time on the 3rd gear, expect around 15 miles range. Riding during rain is possible, yet the inside, where the battery is stored, can get flooded and there is no easy way to drain the water when that happens. Luckily it doesn't damage the battery straight away. Not yet at least. One final note: one of my breaks are very loose on arrival, so I'll have to find time and place to fix this, until then I'm relaying on one break.

Sandy Walker

ISINWHEEL have supplied me with replacement parts as needed .

I HAVE 4 escooters altogether and I know threw experience all have there problems here and there ..what minor issues IV har with my GT2 .. isinwheel have helped me every step of the way ..

GREAT JOB and a thank U

Hristo Hristov
Very nice

I'm so happy to have it. Good quality, I'm still learning, still don't know how to connect the Bluetooth:)))))but it's a very amazing. Thanks.