Electric Bicycle

    Our electric bicycles blend eco-friendly commuting with advanced technology, featuring robust frame design and powerful performance, delivering a smooth and efficient riding experience for both commuting and leisure.

    Fast Dlivery in 3 Days
    30 Days No-reason Return
    2-Year Warranty

    Electric bicycles are generally divided into three types.

    Type 1 electric bicycles only provide pedal assistance, with a maximum speed of about 32 kilometers per hour.

    Type 2 electric bicycles provide both pedal assistance and a throttle, with a maximum speed also of 32 kilometers per hour.

    Type 3 electric bicycles offer both pedal assistance and a throttle. The maximum speed with pedal assistance reaches 45 kilometers per hour, while the throttle maintains a maximum speed of 32 kilometers per hour.

    Isinwheel typically offers two types of electric bicycles. However, through modification, they can be upgraded to Type 3 electric bicycles. Additionally, all electric bicycles can be converted to function as Type 1 electric bicycles by removing electronic components.

    Why choose to ride an ebikes?

    Ebike can easily complement your daily life, assist in leisure cycling, and facilitate daily commuting. They also allow you to enjoy outdoor activities, camping, RV adventures, and off-road exploration. Electric bicycles are a means of helping people stay active and enjoy the pleasure of cycling. Why choose to own an Isinwheel ebike? Isinwheel ebikes boast stylish design, a powerful propulsion system, and innovative smart features. They shorten commuting times and provide an infinite, comfortable riding experience during adventurous moments.