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What does the after-sales service for isinwheel include?

isinwheel Customer Support — A Seamless One-Stop Solution for Pre-sales and After-sales Issues!

isinwheel electric skateboard's after-sales service typically includes the following aspects:

Warranty Service: Generally, the after-sales service for electric scooters includes a specified warranty period covering manufacturing defects and non-man-made damages. During the warranty period, users can enjoy free repair or replacement services.

Repair Service: If a malfunction occurs or repairs are needed beyond the warranty period, users can opt for paid repair services. isinwheel provide authorized repair centers or service locations where users can bring their faulty scooters for repairs.

Parts Replacement: After-sales service often includes the provision of original manufacturer parts for replacement. If certain parts of the skateboard are damaged or malfunctioning, users can purchase and replace these parts.

Technical Support: Providing online or telephone technical support to assist users in resolving common issues, troubleshooting, and offering usage advice.

Maintenance Advice: Offering regular maintenance and upkeep advice to ensure the skateboard remains in good condition for an extended period. This may include proper battery charging practices, tire maintenance, and more.

Firmware Upgrades: For some smart scooters, isinwheel may offer firmware upgrades to enhance performance, fix bugs, or introduce new features.

Return and Exchange Policy: Providing a specified return and exchange policy, allowing users to return or exchange purchased scooters within a certain period, provided the product is undamaged and meets the conditions outlined in the return and exchange policy.


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