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e scooter for adults
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isinwheel electric scooter set buy 2 get 2 x locks free

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£679.00 Regular price £738.00 Sale price SAVE £59.00

Add to the cart and pay to get two free cable locks!

Cable Lock

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£738.00 £679.00
electric scooter for adults
isinwheel electric scooter set buy 2 get 2 x locks free
£738.00 £679.00
Why choose a bundle sale?

Get discounts or special bundle deals for customers purchasing multiple items at once. This can result in cost savings compared to buying each electric scooter separately.

Discounts or Bundle Savings

If the scooters are for personal use, having two allows for companionship during rides. It can be a more enjoyable experience when shared with a friend or family member.

Share and Companionship

Buying two electric scooters together ensures that both scooters are delivered at the same time. This is convenient and avoids potential delays or issues associated with separate deliveries.

Synchronized Delivery

We provided two extra free cable locks during a limited Black Friday Sale! The cable lock helps deter theft and adds an extra layer of protection for your scooter.

Black Friday Gift