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best ebike under £500 2024

If you're looking for the best ebike under £500, it might be quite challenging to find one in the market. Although there are many ebikes available, most of them cost more than £500. Finding an ebike for £500 is difficult enough, and finding one with good value for money is even more challenging.

However, we have introduced a foldable ebike called the U3. It is currently priced at just £459.00 (prices may vary due to promotional activities or stock levels, please subscribe to our website for real-time updates). It is the best ebike under £500 and is suitable for campus or urban commuting.


The sale price of the isinwheel U3 ebike during the pre-sale period is below 500 GBP, yet it is equipped with a 250W power motor and a 281Wh lithium battery, both of high-quality materials. Furthermore, the power system can reach the UK legal maximum speed of 25 kilometres per hour and supports a driving range of 35 to 55 kilometres.

Such performance fully meets the needs of most people for city commuting and even weekend adventure trips. In short, the isinwheel U3, with its affordable price and strong performance, becomes the ideal choice for those seeking a high-value e-bike.

The U3 e-bike is lauded for its low cost and excellent component configuration. The ebike is equipped with a rear-wheel drive 250w electric motor, ensuring robust drive power. For enhanced safety, it is fitted with dual disc brakes, providing reliable braking force. The 16-inch sturdy wheelset, wrapped in inflatable tyres with excellent grip, guarantees the stability of the ride. The lightweight aluminium alloy frame is not only durable but also significantly reduces the overall weight of the bike, making carrying and handling much easier. The convenient LCD display mounted on the handlebar provides all the essential riding data at a glance.

Best e bike U3


The U3's foldable design and detachable battery not only make storage and transport effortless but also make charging the battery very simple, whether at home or in the office. The U3 ebike is a modern means of transport that combines high performance, convenience, and practicality.

This U3 ebike, through its unique design philosophy, highlights the perfect amalgamation of simplicity and practicality. The choice to forgo a suspension system was made to reduce complexity and cost, aiming to offer a more economical option. Such a design ensures the bike's lightness while simplifying its use and subsequent maintenance.

Equipped with a 7-speed gear system and electric assistance, this ebike can easily tackle various terrains, especially during climbs, where the engine's support makes cycling much more effortless. However, for individuals taller than 6 feet 1 inch, this ebike might prove slightly uncomfortable for long-distance rides.

isinwheel's ebike offer a multifunctional choice for cycling enthusiasts, allowing the enjoyment of pedal assistance in the pedal-assist mode, making cycling more effortless, or the motor can be turned off to use it as a traditional ebike. This design meets the needs of different riders. While maintaining power performance, it also achieves a balance with portability.

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U3 Folding Electric Bike

The U3 is perfect for all your travels! Unfold it and the streets are yours. With its foldable design and carrying handle, it's easy to take anywhere.








isinwheel pays special attention to riders' feedback, especially regarding opinions on British legislation; hence, the pedal-less mode has been removed in new models to better align with users' needs and regulatory requirements.

For riders with a budget limit of £500, the isinwheel U3 e bike stands out for its excellent value for money, possessing all the key features required by riders, and surpassing many pricier competitors in several key performance indicators. Its outstanding battery life, powerful motor, superior manufacturing quality, and reliability combine to make it one of the most popular and well-reviewed e bikes on the market for under £500.

Principles of the Best eBikes Under £500

The operation of the best ebikes under £500 is based on their built-in motor systems, which provide additional power support when you pedal. These best bikes under £500 typically come with various riding modes such as Eco, Travel, Sport, and Turbo, each with different motor power outputs. The maximum power of the motor is usually limited to 250 watts.

When you start pedalling, the motor assists based on your exerted force, especially in uphill or situations requiring extra power. However, one should not expect to accelerate quickly from a standstill to 10 miles per hour, as these best ebikes under £500 are not designed to start as swiftly as motorcycles.

When using the best ebikes under £500, riders should work in harmony with the motor for optimal riding performance. The motor-assisted help can increase the distance and average speed of the ride while reducing fatigue during the cycling process, making the ride more relaxed and efficient.

Basic Types of best ebikes under £500

There are various basic types of ebikes to suit different riding needs and scenarios. However, finding the perfect ebike that combines these features within a budget of £500 or less can be a challenge unless opting for renting or the second-hand market.

Road bikes, designed for long-distance rides and high-speed roads, typically feature lightweight frames and narrow, high-pressure tyres.

City bikes are characterized by a comfortable riding posture and practical design elements, such as rear racks and mudguards, making them convenient for daily commuting.

Commuter bikes are designed to meet the daily commuting needs for workdays, combining the comfort of city bikes with the efficiency of road bikes.

Mountain bikes are more suitable for rugged terrains and off-road riding, featuring robust frames, wide tyres, and front fork suspension.

Hybrid electric bikes combine traditional cycling with electric technology, allowing both pedalling and electric assistance, offering more flexible riding options.

Choosing Motors Based on Different Types

The motor design of ebikes varies and is mainly divided into two types: one is the motor installed on the pedal, which provides instant assistance during riding, helping users pedal more easily and reducing riding fatigue. These motors are typically heavier and can provide higher torque.

The other type is the rear hub motor, which is smaller in size and resembles the flywheel of the rear wheel, making it more compact. While it may not offer as much torque as the pedal-mounted motor, it can provide riders with continuous and stable assistance, suitable for users who prefer independent electric assistance. Choosing the right type of ebike motor based on personal needs and preferences is crucial.

The best electric mountain bikes under £500

In searching for the best electric mountain bikes under £500, one might encounter some challenges. It's often difficult to find even basic traditional ebikes in this price range, let alone electric mountain bikes equipped with high-quality motors.

Such e bikes offer additional assistance for individuals with injuries or poor health, making cycling more accessible and enhancing their ability to improve their fitness levels and mobility. They expand the rider's range and add enjoyment to the cycling experience.

It's important to note that these e bikes are not entirely powered by electricity; they require the rider to pedal to activate the motor, which ceases to assist at speeds of about 15 miles per hour, after which the rider must continue using their own strength.

When looking for e bikes below £500, it's crucial to manage expectations and understand that it may be challenging to find a quality electric mountain bike with a high-performance motor at this price point.

The U2 electric mountain bike stands out as an exceptional choice, capable of handling both city streets and rugged mountain trails with ease. Despite being slightly over £500, it offers great value in the mountain bike market as of March 2024, priced at only £659.00.

Most popular e bike

U2 women's trekking electric bike

U2 has an easily accessible walk-through frame, whose removable battery allows for easy charging, while the front suspension and seat shock absorber easily absorb irregularities.







This bike features high-quality front suspension designed to absorb bumps and vibrations, ensuring comfort and stability during rides across any terrain for an exhilarating cycling experience.

Designed specifically for long-distance journeys, the U2 ebike is equipped with a powerful 36V 13Ah battery, boasting an impressive pure electric range of 37-47 miles. In pedal-assist mode, it can travel an additional 6-9 miles, offering boundless freedom for exploration.


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